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That is the very thing Conrad must deal with in Judith Guest’s book, Ordinary People. Con and Buck grew up together as brothers and best friends.

Until, there was a boating accident that took Buck’s life.

Former Mormons

The Other Quebec: Microhistorical Essays on Nineteenth-Century Religion and Society (review) Joanna Dean Journal of Interdisciplinary History, Volume 39, Number 4, Spring "We want people to understand the history of this church," says Elder Marcus Nash, a leader of the LDS church who worked on a series of essays about questions of faith and contested church issues.

- Ordinary Feelings in Ordinary People Ordinary People is a book that examines the life of a typical American family that seems to have it all together. It exposes the major conflicts among them; pain, misunderstanding, hurt, forgiveness, and ultimately if possible healing. Writing the history of a local church, therefore, can open up new books in church closets or even in the homes of parishioners—and de-ciding there and then to institute a preservation program as part of your writing project!

sense of what life was like for the ordinary people in the pews.

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