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In some people you could indicate this with a vacuum verb. The passive voice is a grammatical "voice".The noun or noun phrase that would be the object of a corresponding active sentence (such as "Our troops defeated the enemy") appears as the subject of a sentence or clause in the passive voice ("The enemy was defeated by our troops").

The subject of a sentence or clause featuring the passive voice typically denotes the recipient of the action (the.

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abasement: either woman is passive or she does not exist (64). French feminism seeks to undermine such dualisms; essentially, it deconstructs the phallic organisation of. 4 The Doublee Voicce T B nd Lib Behin ber All T HE Bookk of the Law w transmits several voiices or docttrines, someetimes distiinct but mo ore often eqquivocal, andd they conteend with onne another behind the mask m of the hawk-heade h ed Horus.

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