An argument in favor of gun control in the us

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The Truth About Gun Control Advocates: Quote of the Day

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Strict Gun Control Will Not Stop Spree Killings

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Gun Control Essay

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We encourage you to leave and republish our writers, analyses, breaking news and techniques Click for details. Mexico has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world and yet, inMexico had 11, gun murders ( gun homicides perpeople) compared to the United States that had 9, gun homicides ( perpeople).

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Gun politics in the United States

The United States already has the highest gun-ownership rate in the world — an average guns owned per people, according to. Even if the statistics are inflated (which they probably are), how many gun owners favor some sort of gun control? More than we like to think. Just as those in favor of gun control have their reasoning and logic behind their intent, anti gun control supporters also pose worthy arguments to oppose gun regulations and laws.

BREAKING – Florida Republicans Pass Gun Control Bill

The main argument presented by gun rights advocates is that the restriction of firearms is a violation of civil rights. The question of gun rights is a political question, in the broad sense that it touches on the distribution of power in a polity.

Thus, although it incorporates all these perfectly legitimate “sub-political” activities, it is not fundamentally about hunting, or collecting, or target practice; it is about empowering the citizen relative to the state. Apr 20,  · THE TRAGEDY at Virginia Tech may tell us something about how a young man could be driven to commit terrible actions, but it does not teach us very much about gun control.

Arguments For and Against Gun Control An argument in favor of gun control in the us
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